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The best way to prepare for the future is to see it come to life before your eyes. And it takes one person and a little bit of courage to move a whole crowd. And that’s how the children and youths of Africa and Nigeria got their best news ever.


The past several years have seen a surge of concern for the well-being of our children and youths. The problem for this single and most disturbing situation has been our inability to efficiently create opportunities.


The Rosita Foundation seeks to develop leaders for the common good by providing the tools for children and youths and the public at large to improve and grow civic leadership abilities. Time and again, the Rosita Foundation believes that education is the surest way out of poverty.


Without leadership by example and without thoughtful, honest and objective self-assessment, no system is sustainable.


The above gives credibility to the hard efforts and the strategic mission of the Rosita Foundation. In 2010, the foundation secured a powerful agreement and partnership with the Nigerian government to plan and implement a nation-wide grassroots sports and athletic program in all schools. The program is named PSU – NSAP: Primary, secondary and university – national sports & athletic program.



For all sports and athletic information, visit psu-nsap.com, also, get the information you need regarding scholarships, eligibility requirements, participation and much more.


Please, donate generously and help make this program a life saver for African schools. Become a partner.




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